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What are biomaterials?
They are organic polymers, manufactured from natural elements, organic waste such as flowers, coffee grounds, crop leftovers, fruit or egg shells, pruning, etc. The list of elements from which we can produce biomaterials is infinite.

Why should we know these processes?
Because we are in a time of environmental alarming crisis, pollution, massive deforestation, climate change, shortage of drinking water, etc. The materials used daily in our lives are polluting, extrative and/ or do not respect in their production, an essential resource for life such as drinking water. Some of these materials are: plastics, leather, paints, cement, cotton.

Can we all biomanufacture?

Designers, artists, industrial producers and all those who believe that each person’s actions and consumption matter, we can make a difference. If we devise compostable alternatives, if we reduce our polluting consumption and we understand the value of circular economy, we will surely not reverse climate change, but we will be able to slow it down. The best thing about this is that you can biofabricate beautiful materials in the kitchen of your home, of an incredible variety and with infinite uses. 

¿Qué puedo esperar de esta formación?
La formación en biomateriales brinda conocimiento en detalle sobre el funcionmientode los biopolímeros, aditivos y cargas posibles para producir desde biotextiles y cuero hasta objetos sólido como contenedores, revestimientos o formas escultóricas, según la especialidad de cada uno. 

What can I expect from this education?
This education in biomaterials provides detailed knowledge about the functioning of biopolymers, additives and possible fillers to produce everything from biotextiles and leather to solid objects such as containers, coatings or sculptural forms, depending on the specialty of each one.

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